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I need to control the sub-path of the different different files being managed by MultipleOutputFormat based on the reducer key.

I basically want to set the sub path of the file based on the key given to the reducer.

I can changed the file name by overwrting the generateFileNameForKeyValue method of MultipleOutputFormatbut how can I also change the sub-path of these files?

I mean with just overriding the generateFileNameForKeyValue, I get


but I want to make it to be organize files like below




as seen, the sub-path and the file name are both figured out by the key inside the reducer.

I know how to configure the file name but was wondering if I can configure the sub-path of the each file under the mySetJobConfigOutputPath folder?

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try this… – code.rider Nov 5 '14 at 12:20
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I found out that that I can override the getInputFileBasedOutputFileName method also and give it the sub-Path in there.

protected String getInputFileBasedOutputFileName(JobConf conf, String Name)
     //your logic goes here. Simply addd the sub path to the name and return    

You should still implement the generateFileNameForKeyValue to convert your lead file name to the key

UPDATE: Basically this explains it all

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