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Look at the black cursor to the right of the 3rd statement

When we edit code in the middle of statements it replaces the current code around it. I have looked for like 30 min, yes it is probably an easy fix, and I am overlooking it. We are beginners, thank you in advance !

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Did you hit the insert key? If yes, you need to hit it again. – Bhesh Gurung Jun 28 '12 at 4:03

The problem is also identified in your status bar at the bottom:

overwrite label in status bar

You are in overwrite mode instead of insert mode.

The “Insert” key toggles between insert and overwrite modes.

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HAHA thanks ! must have hit it by accident ! Wow thanks a lot ^^ – Supensaa Jun 28 '12 at 4:30

sounds like you hit the "Insert" key .. in most applications this results in a fat (solid rectangle) cursor being displayed, as your screenshot suggests.

This is the common convention in almost any text/code editor (even the command line)..... I can hardly believe that this is the problem.

If it is .. just hit the "insert" key on your keyboard once more... it's usually near the 'delete' (not backspace), scroll lock and 'Print Screen' [often above the cursor keys in a full size keyboard.] It should turn your cursor back into a vertical line rather than a rectangle.

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I also faced the same problem. We can remove the bold black cursor by hitting the insert key again.

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You might have pressed 0 (also used for insert, shortcut INS) key, which is on the right side of your right scroll button. To solve the problem, just press it again or double click on 'overwrite'.

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