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I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and Octave:

$ octave
octave:1> _

I set my editor to gedit:

octave:1> edit editor "gedit %s"

I edit a function:

octave:2> edit someFunction

gedit opens someFunction.m as expected and prompt returns while gedit still has the file open:

octave:3> _

I run some other long-running function:

octave:3> runAllTests

While runAllTests is executing I press CTRL-C to interrupt it.

The observed behavior is that runAllTests is interrupted AND gedit is killed.

The expected behavior is that runAllTests is interrupted AND gedit is NOT killed.

Does anyone know how to stop CTRL-C from killing gedit in this circumstance? Alternatively is there another way to interrupt runAllTests without killing gedit?

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The setting:

edit editor "gedit %s &"

causes octave to place the editor "in the background", so CTRL-C does not effect it and has the expected behaviour.

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edit mode async

which specifies asynchronous mode of execution of the edit command

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The problem is CTRL+C is also a copy command. IT may need to be customized as in Octave GUI Xoctave. They claim that customization is available.

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