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Get file name from URI string in C#

How to extract file name from an Uri in C#?

for instance, I have a Uri


but how to extract the file name


and save it as a string?

Thank you,


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How about

Path.GetFileName(string path);

In your case you should first check whether it is a file.

Uri u = new Uri("http://audacity.googlecode.com/files/audacity-win-2.0.exe")
string filename = string.Empty;

if (u.IsFile)
    filename = Path.GetFileName(u.AbsolutePath);
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Path.GetFileName can do it...

        Uri u = new Uri("http://audacity.googlecode.com/files/audacity-win-2.0.exe");
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Its better if you use Uri.IsFile property to check if the Uri is of a file, Since Uri doesn't always represent a file name, so you may use LocalPath to make sure the uri represents a file path.

Use Uri.LocalPath:

Gets a local operating-system representation of a file name.

string filename = Path.GetFileName(uri.LocalPath);
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+1 for Uri.IsFile. –  Asif Mushtaq Jun 28 '12 at 6:12


Uri uri = new Uri("http://audacity.googlecode.com/files/audacity-win-2.0.exe");
string Path.GetFileName(uri.AbsolutePath);
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It is not safe to assume that a URI will always represent physical files therefore extracting file name from a URI is not always guaranteed.

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