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I am newbie to d3. I have a requirement in which I need to visualize process flow dependency. These dependencies may or may not be cyclic. I have more than 5000 processes which can be dependent up to a depth 40 or more. For example:

Process A --> (Process B,Process E) -->Process C -- and so on can be as deep as 40 nodes.
Process B --> Process D
Process C ---> (Process D,Process F)
Process D --> (Process A, Process E)
Process F

I am able to do this as a tree layout. Something similar to ( this case I am breaking the cyclic dependency and outputting same node multiple times. But having ~5000 nodes makes graph huge it very non-intuitive to understand and searching for a particular node is even tougher. Any ideas what kind of tree/graph should I use for this kind of situation. I am looking into some of the examples in . Any pointers will regarding this will be very useful.

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what did you end up doing for this? I'm facing a similar problem and was also looking at the d3js tree concept and representing dependencies. –  Darryl Apr 5 '14 at 20:47

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You may want to try this

It is from same gallery link which you provided. This is based on idea of adjacency matrix and Design Structure Matrix.

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