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I have a database in which there is a user table & how many time they reward record table I wanna result like this (WEEK WISE)

user_name user_week user_reward
abc          24,25,26    4,5,6

My query is like this

SELECT WEEK(cpd.added_date),COUNT(cpd.result)
FROM cron_players_data cpd WHERE cpd.player_id = 81
AND cpd.result = 2 AND cpd.status = 1
GROUP BY WEEK(cpd.added_date);

And Result is

user_name user_week user_reward
abc          24    4
abc          24    5
abc          24    6

i use group_concat with count but its useless is there any alternate method for this desire result

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The user_* columns do not appear in your query. –  Explosion Pills Jun 28 '12 at 5:43

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You have 2 level grouping, first week, and then username, so i sugest you use a subquery for that first grouping like:

 GROUP_CONCAT(user_week) AS user_weeks, 
 GROUP_CONCAT(user_reward) AS user_rewards
   WEEK(cpd.added_date) AS user_week,
   COUNT(cpd.result) AS user_reward
  FROM cron_players_data AS cpd 
   cpd.player_id = 81 AND
   cpd.result = 2 AND
   cpd.status = 1
  GROUP BY user_week
) as temp
GROUP BY user_name;
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thanx Puggan its work –  M_A_K Jun 28 '12 at 6:05

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