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Just wondering if these are improper ways of using LINQ. They work, just don't know if they're breaking anything.

// Example 1: Getting a string from an XML element (here, I'm skipping the LINQ query)

measurements.a = (string)bm.Descendants("a").SingleOrDefault();

// Example 2: Using Descendants to "drill in" till I get to the element I want. // the reason why i have 2 Descendants here is because "b" needs to be a child of "a"

measurements.title = (from e in bm.Descendants("a").Descendants("b")
                                    select e.Value).SingleOrDefault();

Thanks for your time. :) James

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Watch out with SingleOrDefault. It has three possible outcomes: If one result - return that result. If no results, return the default result. If many results - throw exception. If you don't like that last possibility, I recommend using FirstOrDefault instead. –  David B Jun 28 '12 at 6:00

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In my eyes these are perfectly correct. The only thing to note is that you might want to get the value of an XElement, rather than the element itself:

var a = (string)bm.Descendants("a").SingleOrDefault().Value;

If you cast a single descendant as a string, but it contains complex content (e.g. child elements) rather than a string, you might fall into problems.

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