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Has anyone come across a Python replacement for the csaps() function in MATLAB's curve-fitting toolbox?

I am aware of Scipy's offerings in interpolate and signal but I can't find anything that implement's csaps()'s smoothing parameter argument, p (though I may have missed it).

The function and argument I'm interested in is described here on p211 in detail (and FORTRAN).

Thought I'd ask before diving in myself.

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Have you tried UnivariateSplines? You can specify the degree of smoothing (3 for cubic), weights and smoothing factor –  Dhara Jun 29 '12 at 16:26

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There is an implementation of de Boor's work in the pywafo project.

This is the actual module. It also depends on their polynomial module.

The code appears to be LGPL and GPL v3, so give it some citation love if you use it.

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