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my query is , i have a combo box inside my form in html , i would like to pass the value of the selected item of the combo box to the server side which is a aspx page,

<form method="POST" action="page.aspx">
    <input id="customerName" name="customerName" type="Text" />
    <input id="customerPhone" name="customerPhone" type="Text" />
    <select id="combobox" >
value="Save" type="Submit" />

in the server side i use the following set of codes to select the textbox value

string n = String.Format("{0}", Request.Form['customerName']);

but how to get the values of the combo box selected value please help me thanks in advance

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Please check you would be getting selectedValue Request.Form['customerName'] –  Adil Jun 28 '12 at 7:28
Your select element needs a name; Request.Form is keyed off the name attribute. Add a name like name="MyComboBox", then Request.Form["MyComboBox"] should give you the value. Out of interest, why not use the <asp: controls? –  dash Jun 28 '12 at 7:30
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You can try fixing your html:

<form method="POST" action="page.aspx">
    <input id="customerName" name="customerName" type="text">
    <input id="customerPhone" name="customerPhone" type="text">
    <select id="combobox" name="combobox">
        <option value="df">df</option>
        <option value="as">as</option>
    <input value="Save" type="submit">

The selected value will be posted as Request.Form['combobox']

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