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I have a parser that gets fed by a lexer with many different tokens. I want to write a parser that parses any token except one. The boost::spirit documentation offers examples for cases without a lexer:

confix("/*", "*/")[*(char_ - "*/")]  // C style comment

confix("//", eol)[*(char_ - eol)]    // C++ style comment

In the second examples the char_ parser parses any input hence the (char_ - eol) parses anything but the end of line.

I want to achieve the very same effect but don't know how to create a parser that accepts any input token. Of course I could list all my tokens as options in one parser and use this one as the "any-parser".

However, this is very error prone since I have to remember to add each new token to this parser.

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Interesting question. I think the usage pattern is highly unusual (lexing mostly implies a well-determined formal grammar) but I can see why you'd like this behaviour –  sehe Jun 28 '12 at 12:23

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