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i'm using Tastypie to build an REST API. so i have this class :

so i have a classe ToolBox and with tastypie i can access it by

http://somthing.com/api/toolbox/list/ http://somthing.com/api/toolbox/list/5

but it's possible to add new mothod like "http://somthing.com/api/toolbox/stats/5" to obtain many stats of selected toolbox ?

or it possible to create a Stat class not based on a model to give stats on ToolBox, User and many other stats?

thank you

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Yes, try this. It is a decorator that helps you add custom actions to Tastypie Resources: https://github.com/thelonecabbage/django-tastypie-actions

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You should not mix resource urls, it is hackish and probably will get overly complex. You can use the dehydrate cycle to add non-Model fields to your existing ToolboxResource or if there is a relationship you can nest one resource within another see: this post

tastypie docs: dehydrate cycle

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