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it may be obvious with the new Xcode Debugger, but, i couldn't see the actual value:

int i=0; //i put a breakpoint on this line

When the app stopped on the first line, i put the mouse cursor on the i and something should refer me the correct value, means 0, but this was not the case. I also try to print the value on the console:

print i

But i got this:

(int) $1 = <unsufficient data for value (only 0 of 4 bytes available)>

Although i am sure po is not for primitives, i tried it too:

po i

Nothing from the above ways has worked to me.

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i just had the same problem. this fixed it for me:

go to "edit scheme", then "Run", then "Info", then "build Configuration" and select "Debug" instead of "Release".

@Apple: BTW it should be called "insufficient" :-)

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