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DataClasses1DataContext MyCountry = new DataClasses1DataContext("Data source=.; 
User ID=sa; Password=; Integrated security=true; Initial catalog=training;");
var _MyCountry = from cntry in MyCountry.GetTable<country>() select cntry;
grd_table.DataSource = _MyCountry;

when I try to bind the countries in grd_table. It shows the error:

System.Windows.Controls.DataGrid' does not contain a definition for 'DataSource' 
and no extension method 'DataSource' accepting a first argument of 
type 'System.Windows.Controls.DataGrid' could be 
found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"**.

what should I do to solve this error.

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Did you really not even care to look up the properties of a datagrid in the MSDN / docs? –  chiffre Jun 28 '12 at 8:26

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Surely that's a compile time error; so I assume it's throwing the error when you're building your project.

It doesn't have a DataSource property, use ItemsSource instead

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You are not ought to directly connect your datatable to the DataGrid via a DataSource-Property like in WinForms. Use DataBinding! :)

You can set the Databinding in XAML

<DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding Customers}" />

or in C# in the Code-Behind - even if I prefer the XAML-Way.

dataGrid1.ItemsSource = Customer.GetSampleCustomerList();

You should really read for MVVM and DataBinding and Commands in WPF as these techniques will give you much help in future developments. It's way easier than I thought in the beginning - and fast after you learned the first steps.

There are good tutorials for datagrid-databinding out there one in the MSDN and a Blog I once found.

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