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I have a list of URL in a large file(20 mb).. and i have a set of keywords. if the set of keywords matches the url then i want to extract the URL.

Example:keyword="contact" URL:http://www.365media.com/offices-and-contact.html

i need a regular expression to match the keywords with my list of URls..

please kindly help me and its urgent..................................

My Java Code:

public class FileRead {

    public static void main(String[] ags) throws FileNotFoundException
        Scanner in=new Scanner(new File("D:\\Log\\Links.txt"));
        String input;
        String[] reg=new String[]{".*About.*",".*Available.*",".*Author.*",".*Blog.*",".*Business.*",
            //for(String s:reg)

    public static void patternFind(String input,String reg)
        Pattern p=Pattern.compile(reg);
            Matcher m=p.matcher(input);
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What information do you need? Only match/no match or which keyword matched? –  Zeemee Jun 28 '12 at 8:27

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I'm going to give a bit general solution. I think you should be able to adapt the idea to your code.

Supposed you have a list of bare keywords in a file and you read it into a String[], or you hard-code the list of keywords in a String[], for example:

String keywords[] = {"about", "available", "email"};

For all the keywords, use Pattern.quote() to make sure they are recognized as literal string. Then concatenate the keywords with bar character | as separator (OR), and surround everything with parentheses (). The end result will be like this. Alternatively, you can look at the keywords yourself and write the regex without the quoting \Q and \E. You can also just ignore the Pattern.quote() step, if you are sure that the keywords do not contain regex.


Add .* to 2 ends to make it matches the rest of the URL, plus (?i) at the beginning to enable case-insensitive match.


Then you can compile the Pattern and call matcher(inputString).matches() on each line of input to check whether the URL has the keyword.

If the keyword is too common in a URL, such as "com", "net", "www", and you want to make the search more fine grain, more tweaking must be done.

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Why you can't do this:

For all line (URLs) in the file check if some of your pattern works on the URL

the code is pretty obvious

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If you only want to match for the existence of any Keyword in the current line, you can simply use

for (String s: reg) {
  if (input.contains(s)) {
    // do something

instead of patternFind(input,".email.");

Anyways, a regular expression equivalent to match any of the words would be:


I'm not sure which one is faster. String.contains() is simpler, a Pattern is precompiled which could perform better when applied many times, as it is the case here.

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