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Consider this example:

class Parent
  @staticMethod = ->
    #calleeConstructor = ????
    new calleeConstructor().x

class Child1 extends Parent
  constructor: ->
    @x = 10

class Child2 extends Parent
  constructor: ->
    @x = 20

Child1.staticMethod() #Should return 10
Child2.staticMethod() #Should return 20

Is it possible?

For example I know that I can access some other static members or constructor of original class from parent instance method. I mean this:

class Parent
  instanceMethod: -> @constructor.staticVar

class Child1 extends Parent
  @staticVar = 10

class Child2 extends Parent
  @staticVar = 20

console.log new Child1().instanceMethod() #Should return 10
console.log new Child2().instanceMethod() #Should return 20
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Inside a "class" method, @ is the class itself so you can simply say new @:

class Parent
  @staticMethod = ->
    (new @).x

For example, give these:

class Child1 extends Parent
  constructor: (@x = 10) ->

class Child2 extends Parent
  constructor: (@x = 20) ->

class Child3 extends Child1
  constructor: (@x = 30) ->

You'll get these results:

Child1.staticMethod() # 10
Child2.staticMethod() # 20
Child3.staticMethod() # 30​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Demo (open your console please):

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Interesting. I tried everything, I thought, and I am sure "this" was one of that. Thank you =) – Aleksandr Motsjonov Jun 28 '12 at 20:10

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