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So here's an easy one for all you talented people out there. :) What I would like to do is create an Automator application that performs the following simple terminal commands when you drop a .command file on it, whose file name starts with "abc-123", and it's important that it throws an error if these criteria are not met and doesn't try to run the script.

chmod 777 file.command

That's it! I don't have that much experience with this and having tried to Google my way to answer for 2 hours now, I thought I'd just ask, since it's probably quite hopes. :)

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Like this in bash shell :

for f in "$@"
    if [[ "$name" = abc-123*.command ]];then
        chmod 777 "$f"
        exit 1;
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What am I missing? :) If I run this, it completes the workflow but I never seen the Terminal window and it doesn't seem to run the .command file. Any help appreciated. –  Glitch Jul 4 '12 at 8:58
This is because the command is executed in Automator, not in the Terminal If you want to see the result : check the button Show this action when the workflow runs in the options of the action "Run Shell Script". If you want to see the result in the Terminal, use the open command --> open "$f" –  jackjr300 Jul 4 '12 at 19:41

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