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I want to create a social network style site where I have:

  • Organizations (groups)
  • Divisions (subgroups)
  • Members
  • Products
  • AND: Users

Organizations, Division, Members, Products are entered by admin or invitation only. Users can register themselves.

  • Organisations have divisions, divisions have members, members can
    enter products
  • Users can follow organizations, divisions, and members and recieve updates on their activities
  • Users can rate members
  • Products are listed in a catalog (later: with shopping cart)

To me, this looks very much like a task for drupal 7, organic groups and drupalcommerce. Are there other starting points you could recommend, apart from "roll your own"?

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You can have a look at this page for social networking modules. And to me, organic groups and drupal commerce are good choices for your demand.

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