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I'm trying to push back a const char* in a vector in a forloop. char_temp is a struct called segment, and chars_temp is a vector of structs. See my code below:

for (int bg = 0; bg < str.size(); bg++) {
    string sym(1, str[bg]);
    const char* bg_cc;
    bg_cc = sym.c_str();

    char_temp.symbol_first = bg_cc;
    char_temp.symbol_second = "*";


The problem is that the push backed char is a pointer, so the char_temp.symbol_first consists of the same address. The struct needs a const char* for char_temp.symbol_first, so how can I fill this vector with different addresses within the forloop?

I tried const char* bg_cc = new char in the forloop, but bg_cc keeps having the same address.

Thanks in advance!

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I tried const char* bg_cc = new char in the forloop, but bg_cc keeps having the same address.

That's fine, it's somewhat expected. What's important is that it points to different addresses.

You need to use char* bg_cc = new char and then strcpy from sym.c_str() to create a copy, not just assign the pointer to sym.c_str().

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It works by copying the the char. Thank you so much! – Rogier Jun 28 '12 at 9:29
@Rogier no problem. – Luchian Grigore Jun 28 '12 at 9:31

1) The sym object would be destroyed after each "for" iteration. And bg_cc and char_temp.symbol_first pointers become invalid. You need to allocate memory in each "for" iteration for bg_cc pointer. Possible with new operator. Are you sure you need const char* here? May be single char will be enough?

2) It looks you put the same object in chars_temp container. You need to allocate memory for char_temp object in each loop iteration.

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