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Hey guys we want to create a informational type site for a very precise domain of knowledge, we want it to be in wiki like form. Whereby I mean the informational for each entity of knowledge is created by the users, and it works like wikipedia in that sense. Are there are web libraries we can use for a out of the box solution. WE don't want to spend much time programming this.

Thanks alot :)

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What about using the software that Wikipedia runs on? – deceze Jun 28 '12 at 9:22

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Wikipedia is based on the open source Mediawiki system.

It's easy to use and install, but not very friendly for complex administration (especially regarding rights). And the editor is fine for engineers, not for everybody.

For other solutions, I suggest you google for "wiki" : that's the generic term describing this kind of system. Or "CMS" for something a little wider.

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