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I was working around join three models. I have Hospital, Doctor and Specialty. A Hospital hasAndBelongsToMany Doctor and a Doctor hasAndBelongsToMany Specialty. So 1 doctor could work in 1 Hospital with 1 specialty, but the same doctor could work in another hospital with another specialty.

I need to create a table in the database joinning 3 models like this:

table: doctors_hospitals_specialties fields: id | doctor_id | hospital_id | specialty_id

but it is not working for me. I have searched in a lot of forums the way to implement this but I couldn't find anything. Please help!

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Make a DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties model.

Doctor hasMany DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties
Hospital hasMany DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties
Specialty hasMany DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties

DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties belongsTo Doctor, Hospital, Speciality.

You probably have to write some code by yourself to manage the the data in the DoctorsHospitalsSpecialties model.

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