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I have installed Jprofiler 7.1.2 & tomcat 5.0.19 on WINDOWS XP. I have created one session with as host & 8849 as port.

After clicking on OK button getting message as

Could not connect to Please make sure that the remote address is correct, the remote program is started properly, and the network route allows socket connections.

What else do I need to setup? What should I put in the start & stop commands for profiled JVM settings?

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That session will connect to a JVM where the profiling agent is already loaded.

To profile a JVM where the profiling agent has not been loaded, use

Session->Quick attach

in the JProfiler main menu.

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The following check list can be used to resolve the issue:

  • Check if the JAVA_HOME is set to same version u r using for the application
  • Validate for right values/parameters for %JAVA_OPTS%
  • Set check box ON for VM Alive (under Settings -> Profile Settings)
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