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I need to export the task list from a windows 2003 server to 2008. I used schtasks /query /fo csv to export the tasks into a csv file from the 2003 host.

Now I need to find out how to import the tasks to the 2008 server. I found a couple of posts here but they were not very relevant because I am using Powershell 2.0 and I don't have any extra powershell module available nor I'm allowed to make any change on the powershell configuration either.

Does anyone know how can I import the task to the 2008 machine ?

Here's an example of what the tasks look like in the csv file :

"TaskName","Next Run Time","Status"
"backup_task","12:00:00 AM, 6/29/2012",""
"backup_task_montly","2:00:00 AM, 6/30/2012",""
"backup_task_weekly","1:00:00 AM, 7/1/2012",""

Thanks for your help!

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take a look here:… – CB. Jun 28 '12 at 9:47
Thanks very much for your link Christian! Unfortunately, the 2 servers are not on the same network. I have no choice other than recreate all the tasks I am afraid. There are not that many of them so that's OK. For the record, I don't understand why it is such a hassle to export a simple list of scheduled task on Windows wen you can simply copy a cron file on unix systems. Cheers! – Bluz Jun 28 '12 at 10:12

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Have you tried working with the scheduler directly through COM objects? Here's an article I've referenced in the past for some sample code.

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