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I have a data frame that I build with data from an sql db. First column contains date, the other contain double or string which should be double.

I need to convert the string to real double.

I have tried to extract the data with "numbers" in another data frame and then: as.numeric or class = numeric.

Both those options return error.

Any idea?

Many thanks, Vincent

edit: here is the function where I got my issue/


#PnL long
for(i in 1:(nrow(Best)-1)){PnL[i,1]=Best[i+1,1];pnl=0;divide=0;for (j in 1:ncol(Best)){if((!is.null(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Best[i,j])])) && (!is.na(as.numeric(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Best[i,j])])))){pnl=pnl+as.numeric(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Best[i,j])]);divide=divide+1}};PnL[i,2]=pnl/divide;PnL[i,3]=0;PnL[i,4]=divide}

#PnL short
for(i in 1:(nrow(Worst)-1)){pnl=0;divide=0;for (j in 1:ncol(Worst)){if((!is.null(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Worst[i,j])])) && (!is.na(as.numeric(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Worst[i,j])])))){pnl=pnl+as.numeric(PriceTable[i+1,as.character(Worst[i,j])]);divide=divide+1}};PnL[i,3]=-pnl/divide;PnL[i,5]=divide}

colnames(PnL)[2]='PnL Long'
colnames(PnL)[3]='PnL Short'
colnames(PnL)[4]='N trade long'
colnames(PnL)[5]='N trade short'

#overall PnL
for (i in 1:nrow(PnL)){PnL[i,6]=PnL[i,3]+PnL[i,2]}



My TablePrice look (in bigger) like:

row.names   Date        25179M103   371532102   186905105   382388106
16         2011-01-25   0.08094573   0.001366867    -0.08003574 0.02431649
21         2011-02-01   0.10623324   0.033948941     0.02128497 0.02949376
40         2011-03-01   0.02046414  -0.028119508    -0.16465137 -0.09292013
63         2011-04-01   0.04486064   0.034553366    0.01336088  0.02603872
83         2011-05-02  -0.02220955  -0.016687422    -0.07369759 0.03656137
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The column might not contain only numbers. But you did not even give us the error message ... Also, how exactly did you "build" the data.frame? –  Roland Jun 28 '12 at 9:50
the error message must be something like NAs introduced while automatic conversion (my R is not in English...). As for the construction of the data frame: I imported that to a first data frame with an sql query Then I reorganised my data frame with cast/reshape –  VincentH Jun 28 '12 at 9:55
I can also have (on subset of the data frame) object list cannot be converted to type 'double' –  VincentH Jun 28 '12 at 9:58
Please provide your code (edit your question). Otherwise, it is not possible to help you. Also, looking at levels(factor(df$asumed_to_be_numeric_vector)) might help you checking, if values are all numeric. Non-numeric values would be at the end of the output. –  Roland Jun 28 '12 at 10:56
I think you have bigger problems than conversion from character to numeric. The function you posted is a mess of spaghetti code that will be very tricky to debug. Try to rewrite it so that you do one thing at a time, and try to remove those for loops. –  Richie Cotton Jun 28 '12 at 12:25

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