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I'm looking for a simple to use time tracking package which I can host myself and is also web-based. I already looked around but all I could find was: 1) Host on their servers. 2) Too complicated in use (I prefer not to fill in more than 1-2 fields, including the time).

I would like a solution where you can easily enter your time per project (and can also generate annual reports), like this: This isn't an option however, as eHour uses Java and MySQL, and I require MSSQL support and don't want to use Java.

Please let me know your experiences and tips, thanks!

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There are literally hundreds of such systems around, please search for "time sheet" on I'm working on ]project-open[ which could also be an option according to your criteria ("fill in more than 1-2 fields"), bit it's probably more on the complex side of the market.

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Yeah, this is too complicated. For now I'm using Easy Time Tracking. It's not perfect (I cannot host it myself, it's an application), but it works for the time being. – Areius Jun 5 '13 at 12:52

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