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This question is based on this thread in Meta.

I would like to have an offline access to SO's editor and to its preview such that I can type fast.


I found the following HTML of the question box.

<div class="resizable-textarea" id="wmd-container">
        <div id="wmd-button-bar"><ul id="wmd-button-row"><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-bold-button" title="Strong <strong> Ctrl+B" style="background-position: 0px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-italic-button" title="Emphasis <em> Ctrl+I" style="background-position: -20px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-spacer" id="wmd-spacer1"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-link-button" title="Hyperlink <a> Ctrl+L" style="background-position: -40px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-quote-button" title="Blockquote <blockquote> Ctrl+Q" style="background-position: -60px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-code-button" title="Code Sample <pre><code> Ctrl+K" style="background-position: -80px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-image-button" title="Image <img> Ctrl+G" style="background-position: -100px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-spacer" id="wmd-spacer2"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-olist-button" title="Numbered List <ol> Ctrl+O" style="background-position: -120px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-ulist-button" title="Bulleted List <ul> Ctrl+U" style="background-position: -140px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-heading-button" title="Heading <h1>/<h2> Ctrl+H" style="background-position: -160px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-hr-button" title="Horizontal Rule <hr> Ctrl+R" style="background-position: -180px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-spacer" id="wmd-spacer3"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-undo-button" title="Undo - Ctrl+Z" style="background-position: -200px 0px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-redo-button" title="Redo - Ctrl+Shift+Z" style="background-position: -220px -20px;"/><li class="wmd-button" id="wmd-help-button" style="background-position: -240px 0px;"><a href="/editing-help" target="_blank" title="Markdown Editing Help"/></li></ul></div>
        <textarea tabindex="101" rows="15" cols="92" name="post-text" id="wmd-input" class="processed"/>
        <span class="form-error"/>
    <div class="grippie" style="margin-right: 79px;"/></div>


#wmd-input {

textarea {
border:1px solid #999999;
font-family:Consolas,Monaco,Lucida Console,Liberation Mono,DejaVu Sans Mono,Bitstream Vera Sans Mono,Courier New;



<div id="wnd-preview">


#wmd-preview {
border:2px dotted #FFFFFF;

I am not sure how the JS -part is built. I did not find it from my Firebug. It seems that the name of the function is 8.

In short, how is the JS of SO's question box and preview built?

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Thank you for your answer! –  Masi Jul 14 '09 at 18:19
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The editor code comes from these JS files:

The source for these files is the StackOverflow fork of the WMD editor which can be viewed here: http://github.com/derobins/wmd/tree/master

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Is there any tool to make these .js codes readable? –  Masi Jul 14 '09 at 18:22
a few search/replace operations or auto-reformat in an IDE should do it, but failing that, try something like prettyprinter.de –  Paul Dixon Jul 14 '09 at 18:38
Thank you very much! –  Masi Jul 14 '09 at 20:05
The source code for the WMD Editor can be pulled from the git repository; see github.com/derobins/wmd/tree/master. –  Rob Jul 19 '09 at 1:24
Thankyou, have added link to answer –  Paul Dixon Jul 19 '09 at 9:54
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