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How do I handle authentication with the HtmlUnitDriver?

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Does this help? –  Slanec Jun 28 '12 at 12:06

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Try this in java seemed to work for me

WebDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver() {
    protected WebClient modifyWebClient(WebClient client) {
        // This class ships with HtmlUnit itself
        DefaultCredentialsProvider creds = new DefaultCredentialsProvider();

        // Set some example credentials
        creds.addCredentials("username", "password");

        // And now add the provider to the webClient instance

        return client;
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If that is the basic authentication that you need you can do this when creating a HtmlUnitDriver instance: (the code is in scala, but you can easily change it to java)

new HtmlUnitDriver() {
  override def modifyWebClient(client: WebClient) = {
    val creds = new DefaultCredentialsProvider()
    creds.addCredentials("user-name", "user-password");
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