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I'm messing with this problem for about 2 days now and searched on many boards for a solution to solve the problem :(

I wrote via linq XML Attributes in my DataGrids Column named "Betrag".

Now I want to get all of those Entries and then sum them up to one number ( all entries of the column are numbers!).

I hope somebody can help me with this problem.

Best Regards, Fabian

Now some code :

        data = new List<Daten>();
        data = (from datensatz in doc1.Descendants("datensatz")

                            select new Daten

                                //datum = "27.6.2012",
                                datum =datensatz.Attribute("datum").Value,
                                //zweck = "Eröffnung",
                                zweck =datensatz.Attribute("zweck").Value,
                                //empfang = benutzer,
                                empfang =datensatz.Attribute("empfang").Value,
                                //betrag = "0€"
                                betrag =datensatz.Attribute("betrag").Value + "€"


                this.Daten.ItemsSource = data;

then I tried this :

kontostand += Convert.ToInt32(Daten.Columns[3].GetCellContent(1).ToString());
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Can you post what you have tried so far and where you are stuck? –  Jake1164 Jun 28 '12 at 10:48
yes sure i'll add it to my post! –  Fabian Seiffert Jun 28 '12 at 10:51
betrag is not summarizable, for it has a "€" character, is not that right?! –  ClayKaboom Jun 28 '12 at 10:59
Oh sorry ! I also did an atempt with the Replace() function but I deleted it from my code :s –  Fabian Seiffert Jun 30 '12 at 13:42

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Why not just do something like this...

var sum = data.Sum(item=>item.betrag);//you might have to parse as number.

you could put that value in a property on the page and then put a databinding expression wherever you want to display the value.

I think you should avoid trying to sum the values in the cells.

Also, I think you should make the betrag property an integer, if possible. You could always add the symbol by using String.Format on the code in front.

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this :

kontostand += Convert.ToInt32(Daten.Columns[3].GetCellContent(1).ToString());

should be like this if its an asp grid:

kontostand += Convert.ToInt32(Daten.Rows.Cells[3].innerText);

if not then anyway u need to loop the rows

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