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I have table with columns as

      Operation             Cost

     Material Issue         10 
     Material Return        20
     X                      30
     Y                      40
     Z                      50

I want want a query where columns are

     Operation             Cost    Total

     Material Issue         10      10
     Material Return        20      30
     X                      30      60
     Y                      40      100
     Z                      50      150

ie.., the the total should keep on adding with each row of cost Column

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try this

    	ID INT IDENTITY(1,1),
    	Descr VARCHAR(20),
    	Val FLOAT

INSERT INTO @Table (Descr,Val) SELECT 'X', 10
INSERT INTO @Table (Descr,Val) SELECT 'Y', 20
INSERT INTO @Table (Descr,Val) SELECT 'Z', 50
INSERT INTO @Table (Descr,Val) SELECT 'A', 75
INSERT INTO @Table (Descr,Val) SELECT 'B', 100

SELECT  t1.Descr,
FROM    @Table t1 LEFT JOIN
    	@Table t2 ON t1.ID >= t2.ID
GROUP BY    t1.Descr,
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See this post about Running Counts

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that's not solve the problem –  KuldipMCA Jul 14 '09 at 9:24
just saying that it doesn't solve the problem isn't helpful. you should also state what's wrong with it. –  Mladen Prajdic Jul 14 '09 at 9:58

There are different ways to calculate running totals. This article on SQLTeam covers them and will help you get your query done. The code examples there are easy adaptable, so I let you choose the one which best fits your needs.

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