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I have been trying to write an app that generates a personal WiFi hotspot from an android device, that funnels webpage and file download requests through the host's mobile data connection. I have managed to request and download the files, but they are being stored under the phone, on the sdcard\toSendOverWifi\ folder I created.

Quick list of activities done:

  1. Recieving device sends webpage/file HTML address request to host
  2. Host downloads file over 3g/4g/LTE data connection
  3. Host saves file(s) to sdcard\toSendOverWifi\
  4. (not done) host sends file out to recieving device (only connection)

Ihave not found a class and/or method to send the downloaded files over WiFi to other devices.

What class/method do I need to accomplish this? And is it compatible with non-rooted devices?

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You need to use TCP/IP sockets as usual.

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