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Here are my attempts:

deferred.defer(class1().method1, class2.method2, arg)
deferred.defer(class1().method1, class2.method2(), arg)

Both of these fail with the error:

Can't pickle <type 'instancemethod'>: it's not found as __builtin__.instancemethod

In another post about how to pickle an instance method, Steven Bethard's solution was suggested: (towards the bottom of the page)

The code has lost its formatting and I have been unable to successfully use the code to solve my deferred problem.

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you shouldn't call the class. try class1.method1 – aschmid00 Jun 28 '12 at 13:22
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The function to be used in deferred.defer must be one that this directly importable, global function. This is because the Deferred handler will almost surely work in different interpreter instance, so the function in question must be imported by it.

If class1 in your code refers to actual class name, the simplest way to tackle the problem would be wrapping the call to its method inside global function and passing it to defer:

def deferred_method_call(*args, **kwargs):
    class1.method1(*args, **kwargs)

deferred.defer(deferred_method_call, ...)

On the other hand, if class1 is just a name of variable you point to actual class, you would want to pass it as parameter to your function:

def deferred_method_call(class_, *args, **kwargs):
    class_.method1(*args, **kwargs)

deferred.defer(deferred_method_call, class1, ...)

This works because class objects (instances of type) are picklable and can be passed as arguments to defered functions.

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