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I get this Hresult when i resample PCM Sound to a IEEE:Float Sound with DirectXMediaResampler. Changing the bits per sample with the same sampling rate is no problem. Also resamppling from IEEE:Float to PCM. This HResult is not documented in context with a DMO object. And it doesn't happen on every resampling but periodically.

Does anyone know or could guess what it means.

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That's DMO_E_NOTACCEPTING; the documentation says:

DMO_E_NOTACCEPTING: Data cannot be accepted.

You can see the code that generates this in dmoimpl.h, although without the derived DMO code I don't think that helps (it means the DMO's InternalAcceptingInput method didn't return S_OK).

I guess this all means that the ResamplerDMO doesn't like your input data. Is it definitely set up correctly?

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Because I resample very little packages of sound (~18ms) and this happens every few seconds (but it depends on the difference of the in- and output sample rate how often it happens, just now I resample from 441000 to 32000 and it happens every 4 seconds) this is so strange to me. I have no idea why the DMO only don't like my input every few seconds. And it also happens if every sample contains the same data. –  Someone_else Jun 28 '12 at 13:34
Edit: ...resample from 44100 to 32000... –  Someone_else Jun 28 '12 at 13:50
It seems to happen when the last call to ProcessOutput set the "incomplete" flag on the output buffer, indicating that you must call ProcessOutput again prior to proceeding with ProcessInput. –  chris Oct 4 '13 at 20:28

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