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I have tables Users, Widgets and Layouts. Users have many-to-many relationship with Widgets via Layouts. Each Layout has UserID and WidgetID. I want to delete a Layout that matches specific UserID and WidgetID.

Using SubSonic 3 ActiveRecord I write:

Layout.Delete(x => x.UserID == && x.WidgetID == id);

However, SubSonic deletes all widget layouts for the user, seemingly ignoring the second part of the condition. Am I doing it wrong, or is this a SubSonic bug? If latter, are there any workarounds?

Added later: I fixed it temporarily in in my project's Models subdirectory:

diff --git a/Models/ b/Models/
index ee64200..dd47510 100644
--- a/Models/
+++ b/Models/
@@ -162,8 +162,8 @@ namespace <#=Namespace#>
         LambdaExpression lamda = column;
         SqlQuery result = new Delete<T>(this.Provider);
         result = result.From<T>();
-        SubSonic.Query.Constraint c = lamda.ParseConstraint();
-        result.Constraints.Add(c);
+        var q = new QueryVisitor();
+        result.Constraints.AddRange(q.GetConstraints(lamda));
         return result;
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Yes - please add this as an issue. Shouldn't be happening... – Rob Conery Jul 14 '09 at 18:56
I have the same issue with a Find. var items = Person.Find(x => x.ID == id && x.Name == myStringArray[0]); myStringArray is populated! – Jon Jul 15 '09 at 9:22
Filed a new issue: – glebd Jul 15 '09 at 12:16

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Seems like a bug in SubSonic to me. You should report it to github

In the meantime this code might workaround the issue:

Layout layout = Layout.SingleOrDefault(x => x.UserID == && x.WidgetID == id);
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Your workaround seems to work, thanks. – glebd Jul 15 '09 at 11:51

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