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Anything wrong if I've used jquery mobile for normal websites? I meant, about functionalities, or will that override any of features for normal jquery.

I read somewhere jquery mobile is based on jQuery, I am wondering how it will affect when using both at a time.

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Why would you want to do that? As far as I know, jquery mobile is targeted specifically for mobile devices and alike, for normal websites, you can use jquery ui, if you need rich controls.... –  Sayem Ahmed Jun 28 '12 at 12:48

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jQuery is a Javascript framework, jQuery Mobile (confusingly) is an UI framework that uses jQuery. It is meant for developing Mobile UI but surely you can develop any site with it!

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Ofcourse functionally this would work, BUT its not a good idea to use JQuery mobile for normal websites. JQuery Mobile is designed for mobile devices with limited screen space and designed for touch. Resulting website would look ugly in a desktop browser.

You need to understand what is JQuery mobile:

  • JQuery mobile (JQM) is a framework for creating mobile web applications. Mobile screens are limited in screen size, and JQM takes care of the layout and stuff.
  • JQM is built on top of JQuery. JQuery is a javascript framework for manipulating DOM and it takes care of the differences in underlying browser. It provides elegant ways to manipulate DOM.
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