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I'm trying to access the video feed for a particular user account. This user has uploaded 3 videos but their 'channel' page doesn't appear to have a username like other channels?

The process I've used previously is:


...where CHANNEL_NAME would be the name of the channel.

But the channel I'm trying to access doesn't have a name, I can view the channel via the following URL:


...but as you can see it has a code for the user rather than an identifier name.

So trying to use the following doesn't bring back the actual feed:


Can any one advise how I would access this feed? I have access to this user's account so could/should I be able to set-up a proper identifier name for the channel?


UPDATE: I've since logged into the user's account and given them a unique username:


But I've also found an XML feed version https://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/ITECLEARNTECH/uploads from the Google Documentation that seems to include all their videos, but I'm not sure how I can convert this into JSON data (which would be better for me using JavaScript to interact with the feed data).

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OK, I clearly was being an idiot. Seems I just needed to add ?alt=json to the end of the URL


I could have sworn I tried that originally and it didn't work, but now it appears it does.

So there you go!

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