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Is there a keyboard command for undoing typing in iPython? Note: I am not talking about undoing the result of a command you've executed.

Suppose I copied and pasted a few variable names as arguments into a long function call, and then realized they are the wrong arguments. Can I do an equivalent of ctrl-z or something that undoes the paste operation?

Ctrl-z kills the iPython session, so not recommended.

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Ctrl-_ (underscore) or Ctrl-x Ctrl-u

If you deleted something with ctrl-w/ctrl-k and so on you can just paste it back with ctrl-y.

See readline(1) for additional hotkeys.

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Very good, thanks for the reference. Ctrl-u is also a lifesaver because it clears the line, which is really helpful when you use the up arrow to scroll back through history and end up stuck with very long commands. –  EMS Jun 28 '12 at 13:18
By the way, to undo the entire line you can press esc-r –  Igor Chubin Jun 28 '12 at 13:26

IPython uses the GNU readline library. The standard shortcut for "undo" is Ctrl-_, but this might not undo a full paste operation with one press. A paste operation in a (Linux) terminal is done by simulating user input, so readline will see many keystrokes, not just one. You might need to press the chortcut several times.

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