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I have been reading on creating modules and service programs in ILE, but I can't find much on defining a display window (prompt screen) inside a module. I have tried the following, but keep getting an error that the RECNO parameter (RRN here) is not defined (*RNF7004). Any idea what I am doing wrong....or where I can get more info...

    H NOMAIN                                                
    FWDWFACV   CF   E             WORKSTN                   
    F                                     SFILE(FACSFL:RRN) 
    FZMFL01    IF   E           K DISK                        
    D/COPY CUSSRCV6/QCPYSRC,TOOLS                           
    P WDWFAC          B                   EXPORT            
    DWDWFAC           PI                                    
    DWFAC                            2A                     
    DWFDESC                         20A   options(*nopass)  
    D RRN             S              3S 0 inz(0)            
    D WKFLAG          S              1S 0                   
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What is SFLSIZ? If larger than 999, perhaps that's the issue.… Define RRN as 4s 0 instead. – Buck Calabro Jun 28 '12 at 14:44

The RRN variable, which is attached to the display file, probably needs to be global (defined outside the module).

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