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I have a spring mvc application running in JBoss. I am using Spring AOP all over the place (using Annotations); they are working perfectly. I want, however, to also create an aspect for a couple of JBoss classes (specifically their login JaaS stuff).

I have created a POJO within my application that looks like the following:

package com.mycompany.aspect
(all imports here)
public class MyAspect{
    @Pointcut("execution(* org.jboss.plugins.*.login(..))"
    private void myPointCut();

    public Object doSomething(){....}

I have also created an aop.xml file in my META-INF directory that looks like the following:

       <aspect name="com.mycompany.aspect.MyAspect"/>
       <include within="org.jboss.plugins.*"/>

I have also added the following jvm option:

-javaagent:pathto/aspectjweaver.jar (pathto is the right path to my aspectjweaver.jar file)

When my application deploys I get the following RuntimeException:

..... cannot register non aspect com$mycompany$aspect$MyAspect, com.mycompany.aspect.MyAspect

What could I possibly be doing wrong???

EDIT: I should mention I am using JBoss AS (4.2)... This I cannot change :(

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Is this question still open? – kriegaex Aug 31 '12 at 7:59

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