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I need a help with configuration and updating jenkins selenium plugin. I can configure selenium hub and nodes outside of jenkins and run tests from maven so selenium itself is not a problem.

1 problem: jenkins selenium plugin already defines default node with list of available browsers (5 firefox, 5 chromes, 2 IE). I would like all my test to be run on other machine than jenkins. so I was able to point my remote node to jenkins machine and it is registered there. my question is how I remove default node browser configuration ???

2 problem: how can I update to latest selenium-server-standalone version (which currently is 2.24.1). right now I can see jenkins is using 2.15.0. I tried to add jar in ...jenkins/plugins/selenium/WEB-INF/lib and update license.xml but after I restarted jenkins it still uses older version

thanks for help

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I can answer on you second question. To update selenium-server-standalone version you must perform the following steps:

1) Download the latest version of selenium-server-standalone
2) Put it in to YourJenkinsHomeDirectory/plugins/selenium/WEB-INF/lib
3) Edit licenses.xml file in YourJenkinsHomeDirectory/plugins/selenium/WEB-INF

Edit following (Edit the text highlighted in bold. Paste the value of the version of your selenium-server-standalone):

l:dependency name='Unnamed - org.seleniumhq.selenium:selenium-server-standalone:pom:2.39.0' groupId='org.seleniumhq.selenium' artifactId='selenium-server-standalone' version='2.39.0'

Save file

4) Go to YourJenkinsHomeDirectory/Home/plugins/selenium/META-INF/maven/org.jenkins-ci.plugins/selenium

5) Edit pom.xml

Than find next:



And edit <version>2.39.0</version> in both block. Paste the value of the version of your selenium-server-standalone

Save file

6) Restart your Jenkins (simply go to this http://your-jenkins-url/restart) as default the url is: http://localhost:8080. Now Jenkins should restart

7)Go to your Selenium Grid hub http://localhost:4444/grid/console

8)Now you should see your updated version

Good luck :)

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thanks, I asked this question a year ago but :) it is never late for a help –  pawel.kaminski Mar 18 at 13:47
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