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I need to get the selected item name in QListView as a QString. I have tried to google it, but i haven´t found anything useful. Thanks

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Look at the QListView documentation (especially its member list ) to see how to get the current index (a QModelIndex object), and from the index, you'll be able to get its data content (a QVariant that you can convert to a QString). –  alexisdm Jun 28 '12 at 13:49
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It depends on selectionMode lets say you have ExtendedSelection which means you can select any number of items (including 0).


you should iterate through ui->listView->selectionModel()->selectedIndexes() to find indexes of selected items, and then call text() method to get item texts:

QStringList list;
foreach(const QModelIndex &index, 
qDebug() << list.join(",");
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