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Group records by time

I have a mysql table that logs web page requests.

I'd like to write a sql that outputs the number of requets per hour.

timestamp              browser
-------------------    -------
2012-06-28 15:06:14    chrome
2012-06-28 15:12:15    IE6
2012-06-28 16:32:16    IE7

timestamp              count
-------------------    -------
2012-06-28 15:00:00    2
2012-06-28 16:00:00    1

I'm guessing my first step would be to 'truncate' the datetime field so that I can do a group-by. Searching, I have found some examples of rounding the hour, but none to truncate.

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That question is not an exact duplicate, it groups by 15 minute intervals. In addtion, the answers here are also not duplicates, as they use the date_format functions which are not used in answers to the other question... To merge these, both the questions and answers would need to be modified. –  Eric Aug 9 '12 at 12:48

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Try formatting the date with

DATE_FORMAT(timestamp, '%Y-%m-%d %H') as formatted_timestamp

and then grouping on that formatted_timestamp

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+1 For considering the date too. –  Ravinder Reddy Jun 28 '12 at 14:30
He could use the other suggestion as well but then he'd have to group using both functions; group by date(datetimefield), hour(datetimefield) –  Debock D. Jun 28 '12 at 17:34
select count(no_of_requests) from table group by date(datetime_field) , hour(datetime_field)
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Assuming ts_table as your table name and ts as your timestamp column name,

mysql> select
    ->     addtime( date_format( ts, '%Y-%m-%d %H' ), '00:00:00' ) as 'during'
    ->     , count( date_format( ts, '%Y-%m-%d %H' ) ) as 'visit_count'
    -> from ts_table
    -> group by 'during'
    -> ;
| during              | visit_count |
| 2012-06-28 15:00:00 |           2 |
| 2012-06-28 16:00:00 |           1 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
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You should be able to group by DATE() and HOUR() functions to get your output.

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