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How can I set the default font size and the background color in TinyMCE?

Thanks, Eden

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Have you tried the content_css option? That's mentioned in the TinyMCE FAQ here: http://wiki.moxiecode.com/index.php/TinyMCE:FAQ#Change_default_text_color.2Feditor_background_in_TinyMCE.3F

You can specify a CSS file for your editor with this, allowing you to set things like font and background colour.

Hope this helps; thanks Sam

(I realise that this is a very old post, just adding this for the benefit of anyone else reading since)

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You can change the css using Javascript also.

Add this to your init function:

oninit : "postInitWork",


function postInitWork() {

    var dom = tinymce.activeEditor.dom;
    var pElements = dom.select('p'); // Default scope is the editor document.

    dom.setStyle(pElements, 'color', 'red');
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Thanks. This helped me as well on a WordPress 3.3 blog where we can now use the built-in TinyMCE editor in plugins and themes. (codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_editor). Once the thing was drawn, I used $(tinyMCE.getInstanceById('mytextarea').getWin().document.body).css('font-family‌​','sans-serif'); to switch the font from serif to sans. –  Volomike Feb 16 '12 at 10:04


So basicly you would copy the themes/advanced/editor_ui.css to your own location, edit the colors and it should be ok.

.mceEditorArea {
    font-family: "MS Sans Serif";
    background: #FFFFFF;

font size

    font_size_style_values : "xx-small,x-small,small,medium,large,x-large,xx-large"

anyway, google is your friend

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How this helps with default font size? You showed how to set a list of available sizes. –  Kamarey Mar 16 '10 at 14:31

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