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I just installed Visual Studio 2010 on a new computer and am having problems with intellisense. It seems that all my "var" variables are not working with intellisense, but if I actually define what they are (string, int, ObjectName or whatever), everything works fine.

When I mouseover the defined variable, the tool tip says:

var user = DataAccess.User.Get(UserID);

mouseover tooltip =>  (local variable) var user

Again, if I explicitly define what it is, it's fine.

DataAccess.User user = DataAccess.User.Get(UserID);

mouseover tooltip =>  (local variable) DataAccess.User user

I'm really at a loss to know what to do with this.

NOTE DataAccess is its own project, so this may be a cross-project issue.

NOTE It also only appears to be an issue on collections (IQueryables, etc.)

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does this only happens with variables? and only in your project?.. not sure but if you'll like try installing "resharper" its a program that help you detect errors with your code and also manage a personalize intellisense

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Yeah, only the variables defined with the "var" keyword. – Narnian Jun 28 '12 at 14:09

Ugh... I had unknowingly introduced a build error that broke the intellisense, but it was on the web project, so I don't usually explicitly build that. Well, maybe someone else will make the same mistake I did and find this answer.

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