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I am working on a site trying to implement the Masonry jQuery plugin. From what is advertised for masonry there should be no, or at least minimal, vertical gaps; however I can't seem to get rid of the gaps on the site I'm working on.

I've followed the instructions for masonry exactly, all .js files are linked correctly and as far as I can tell masonry is working, albeit bizarrely.

I've tried the solution from Vertical Gaps Appearing - jQuery Masonry - (seamless photo grid) and added display: block; CSS to the site to absolutely no effect, I've also tried re-arranging the order of the images but the same problem occurs. The site I'm working on can be seen here:

thanks for any help!

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where's Masonry being used? The gallery you link to is empty? – Chris Jun 28 '12 at 14:10
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Apologies for this, the client who needed an answer to this went ahead and changed it all so it is no longer required. Thanks for the interest though Chris!

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