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I am using IScroll4 in my application to add scroll in that particular div for ipad but I am not able to add scroll I used

function loaded(){

    scroll = new iScroll('wrapper');
     document.addEventListener('load', loaded, false);

the above is my div structure

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The function that you have defined is not your div structure. It is to initialize iscroll for the defined div with id wrapper. You may show your html for the div structure. Moreover, you have to define var scroll; before writing scroll = ...;. Also if you have only text and all images have fixed dimensions (ie: explicit width/height) you may use the DOMContentLoaded event. In general iscroll4 has no working issue in ipad. May be you have you have missed something. Check the documention from http://cubiq.org/iscroll-4 and still if you find problem then specify exaclty what you are trying to do and where you are stuck. Your question does not explain much.

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