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i have (at least) two addins installed in Visual Studio (2010 (Professional)). i would like to temporarily disable them.

How can i manage addins in Visual Studio 2010?

i tried using the Add-in Manager (Tools -> Add-in Manager...):

enter image description here

But neither of my (at least) two addins appear.

How can i manage addins in Visual Studio 2010?

Looking at MSDN:

How to: Deactivate and Remove an Add-In

When you finish using an add-in, you can unload it from Visual Studio by clearing the check box next to its name in Add-in Manager.

By following the steps in this topic, you can remove the add-in permanently so that it no longer appears in Add-in Manager and its command no longer appears on the Tools menu or the Visual Studio toolbar.

The Add-in Manager is located on the Tools menu.

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Have you looked at Tools->Extension Manager? Are these 'addins' installed there? –  Steve Jun 28 '12 at 14:41
@Steve Why yes, yes they are. Phrase that in the form of an answer! –  Ian Boyd Jun 28 '12 at 14:53

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In Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft has added another form of 'addins' (how we used to call them).
Now, we have the Visual Studio Integration Package that are not COM based like addins.
This has prompted the creation of a different menu where you handle these kind of extensions. The main menu is still Tools but a specific submenu called Extension Manager has been added

More information on this argument could be found here

"Visual Studio Integration Package" vs "Visual Studio Add-in": what is the difference?

and here

Differences between Visual Studio 2010 add-in manager and extension manager

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