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I am working on an app that reads the contact names from the mobile and examines whether the name is already saved in a database. If it is already saved to the db, then I just update a saved counter variable but if it isn't then I go on adding it. AT LEAST THIS IS MY INTENTION.

Part of the code is as follows :

 public Integer countRecords(String name) {
       SQLiteDatabase db = events.getReadableDatabase();
       Cursor mCount= db.rawQuery("select count('"+CONTACT_NAME+"') from'"+ TABLE_NAME + "' where '" + CONTACT_NAME + "' = '" + name + "'", null); 
       Integer count= mCount.getInt(0); 
       return count;

and at the main body of the code goes as follows:

 ContentResolver cr= getContentResolver();
        Cursor cu= cr.query(URI, null, null, null, null);
                    Integer rawValue = countRecords(contactName);
                        recordInfo = addedCounter + " " + recordName + "\n";    
                        recordsList+= recordInfo;

Now, I have tried everything I know. The problem seems to be the returning value of the procedure countRecords. Maybe I don't use the right criteria in the IF clause if(rawValue==0){, because it either adds all contacts, even they are already saved in the db or it doesn't.

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Your current implementation is not only wrong... it's also incredibly inefficient. Try something like this instead:

// use as the 2nd argument; otherwise, the cursor will return all information
// associated with the contacts. this is inefficient because you only care
// about the column DNAME in the while loop.
final String[] PROJECTION_CONTACTS = new String[] { DNAME };
final String[] PROJECTION_DATABASE = new String[] { CONTACT_NAME };

// you only need to retrieve this once (dont do it inside the loop)
SQLiteDatabase db = events.getReadableDatabase();

Cursor c = getContentResolver().query(URI, PROJECTION_CONTACTS, null, null, null);

if (c.moveToFirst()) { 
    // then the cursor is not empty

    // compute the columnIndex for "DNAME" only once
    final int col = c.getColumnIndex(DNAME);

    while(c.moveToNext()) {
        // iterate each 
        contactName = c.getString(col);
        Cursor exist = db.query(TABLE_NAME, 
                                CONTACT_NAME + " = ?",
                                new String[] { contactName }, 

        if (exist.moveToFirst()) {
            // the cursor is not empty, so it exists in the database
        } else {
            // the cursor is empty, so it doesn't exist in the database

Something like this should work. (I guarantee you I made a typo somewhere, but the general idea of it should get you started). Please please please make sure you do this asynchronously on a separate thread... it could potentially be a very time consuming operation.

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Ok Alex you are a genius no doubt about that!!!! One thing is missing before kneeling in front of you...... –  APOSTOLOS Jun 28 '12 at 15:51
The method query(String, String[], String, String[], String, String, String) in the type SQLiteDatabase is not applicable for the arguments (String, String[], String, String[], null) what's missing from this query ???? –  APOSTOLOS Jun 28 '12 at 15:52
oops... you can probably get away with using any of the query methods, for example this one. –  Alex Lockwood Jun 28 '12 at 16:00
did the general idea of it make sense? because I'm not sure if exactly what i wrote down is right lol... i got confused a tiny bit because i'm not familiar with your database structure. –  Alex Lockwood Jun 28 '12 at 16:01
@APOSTOLOS, also remember c.close() at the very end. –  Alex Lockwood Jun 28 '12 at 16:02

Use this query:

Cursor mCount= db.rawQuery("select count("+CONTACT_NAME+") from "+ TABLE_NAME + " where " + CONTACT_NAME + " = '" + name + "'", null);

You have an additional single quotes between column names.

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A bit simple form of your desired query:

Cursor mCount= db.rawQuery("select count(1) from "+ TABLE_NAME + 
" where " + CONTACT_NAME + " = '" + name + "'", null); 
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