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This question is not language-aware.

I wanna know how can I recognize a returning user on my website (Java, PHP, Coldfusion...) if he's using a dynamic IP.

Why? A lot of users of my web application use iPhone (with 3G networking) for accessing. IP changes each time, so I always see them as "new" users.

I know it's unlikely to track MAC address in web pages but.... what solutions are there for such a common problem?

Maybe a suitable iPhone app? ;-)

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It's not quite possible to find original requesting machine's MAC address. You should use Cookies to track users.

You can find more info about MAC Addresses here.

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. MAC addresses are used for numerous network technologies and most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet. Logically, MAC addresses are used in the Media Access Control protocol sub-layer of the OSI reference model.

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Why not do what everybody else does and use cookies?

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As other said, you could easier get what you want with cookies...

and, reading your question and purpose, i'm not really sure that if a user uses it's iPhone via wifi and browse to your website and than it come back again via 3G the MAC address doesn't change... i thought that MAC address is unique not for a device, but for a single hardware component in it: this mean that an iPhone could have a MAC for wifi hardware and a MAC for 3g hardware... if it works as on my powerMac... i can see my computer has a mac address for my ethernet and one other for my wifi...

but i'm not an hardware expert, so (all readers), please consider this answer as a question too, and if there is any net expert on line...

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