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I currently have a ajax script that dynamically builds two select boxes enabled with the Chosen plugin found here: I've narrowed down that Line 9 is what enables the Chosen Plugin and from what I can tell the scripts builds the markup for the selects dynamically. How do I split this building of the dynamic select markup so that the first select is NOT enabled with the Chosen plugin?


    var questions = $('#questions');

    function refreshSelects(){
        var selects = questions.find('select');

        // Improve the selects with the Chosen plugin
        selects.chosen({ disable_search_threshold: true });

        // Listen for changes

            // The selected option
            var selected = $(this).find('option').eq(this.selectedIndex);
            // Look up the data-connection attribute
            var connection ='connection');

            // Removing the li containers that follow (if any)
            selected.closest('#questions li').nextAll().remove();



    var working = false;

    function fetchSelect(val){

            return false;
        working = true;


            var connection, options = '';

            switch (r.type) {
                case 'select':
                        connection = '';
                            connection = 'data-connection="'+v+'"';

                        options+= '<option value="'+k+'" '+connection+'>'+k+'</option>';


                        // The chose plugin requires that we add an empty option
                        // element if we want to display a "Please choose" text

                        options = '<option></option>'+options;

                    // Building the markup for the select section

                        <select data-placeholder="'+r.defaultText+'">\
                            '+ options +'\
                        <span class="divider"></span>\

                case 'html':

            working = false;



    // Initially load the product select
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:not and :first.

selects.filter(":not(:first)").chosen({ disable_search_threshold: true });


selects.not(":first").chosen({ disable_search_threshold: true });
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Close...that works but it "breaks" the chain select with the second select box? Any way to avoid that? – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 15:35
is it possible to do a similar treatment of not and first on where chosen is initialized? selects.chosen({ disable_search_threshold: true }); @Alexander – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 16:05
@RoccoTheTaco, "chain select"? – Alexander Jun 28 '12 at 16:31
@ Alexander, the first and the second select boxes are "chained together" based on the selection of the first select box. This "breaks" that functionality. – Rocco The Taco Jun 28 '12 at 16:32
@RoccoTheTaco, you're welcome – Alexander Jun 28 '12 at 16:49

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