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Hi i am trying to figure out how to write something like this in jooq

select * from table 
where ( ( a = query or b = query or a = query ) 
and ( e = query or g = query or z = query) )

I cant figure out how to do nested condition in jooq. Please help.

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You'll need to understand the following part of the API:

public interface Condition {
    Condition and(Condition other);
    Condition or(Condition other);

So any Condition can be connected with other Conditions using and() / or() methods (and others). In your case, you can form your conditions easily like this:

Condition c1 = a.equal(query);
Condition c2 = b.equal(query);
Condition c3 = a.equal(query);

Condition d1 = e.equal(query);
Condition d2 = g.equal(query);
Condition d3 = z.equal(query);

Now these conditions can be connected as such:


Or put in a SQL statement:


Of course, you don't have to assign your c[1-3], d[1-3] conditions to variables. You could inline everything to a single statement:


You'll find more information in the manual:


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