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I am querying data from our IBM i and displaying it in a grid. The purpose of displaying all records is for a couple reasons:

  1. The existing software isn't used properly and people aren't closing out the items. (user/training issue yes, but see other items). So narrowing down the list to just open items isn't accurate.
  2. It allows a user to query all history (this is property based and history can be important)

However, there currently is 28,000 items and will ever increase. Right now, I am using MvcContrib grid. Here is my code:

    public ActionResult Index(GridSortOptions gridSortOptions, int? page, int? filterPropertyUniqueKey, int? filterPermitNumber)
        #region Filter and Sort
        var permits = buildingPermitRepository.GetOpenPermits();

        // Set default sort and apply filters
        if (filterPermitNumber.HasValue)
            permits = permits.Where(w => w.PermitId == filterPermitNumber.Value);

        // TODO add more filters

        if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(gridSortOptions.Column))
            gridSortOptions.Column = "DateApplied";
            gridSortOptions.Direction = SortDirection.Descending;

        var permitsPagedList = permits.OrderBy(gridSortOptions.Column, gridSortOptions.Direction).AsPagination(page ?? 1, 20);

        var viewModel = new PermitIndexViewModel
            BuildingPermits = permitsPagedList,
            GridSortOptions = gridSortOptions

        return View(viewModel);

What would you suggest I do differently to improve the display speed? At least for subsequent views.

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I don't know how AsPagination method works, but we use Skip and Take methods. So after all filtering is done your code could look like this:

var permitsPagedList = permits.OrderBy(gridSortOptions.Column, gridSortOptions.Direction).Skip(pageSize * (page -1)).Take(pageSize).ToList();

This simple method returns only those rows which we actualy needs.

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